When Slidefuse had a client in need of a custom video streaming solution for academic use, they asked for my help. We developed 4Stream, a live video streaming platform, from end-to-end. Some of my contributions included:
- UX and UI design and development
- Implementation of nginx-rtmp for video ingesting and routing
- Implementation of FFmpeg for on-the-fly encoding to HLS and DASH formats for mobile streaming
- Addition of GeoIP-based geographic mapping of viewers
- Development of browser media type support detection

- Development of a basic back-end dashboard for broadcasters

A slide from a presentation outlining a simplified version of 4Stream's infrastructure

Sadly, we chose to retire this platform a few years later once a commercial solution became available to more easily fulfill the client's need.
This project continues to be one of the most challenging web development projects I've worked on. Our research into the infrastructure necessary to support this platform was the basis for my presentation at Ithaca College's 2016 Whalen Academic Symposium.
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