In March 2016, I got this actual email:
I soon learned that President Obama’s White House was preparing to announce the second annual National Week of Making, a celebration of people of all ages and backgrounds who use their creativity to innovate, solve problems, and promote STEAM education.
In just five days, I familiarized myself with the U.S. Digital Service’s Web Design Standards and worked alongside the White House’s first–ever Senior Advisor for Making, the Digital Harbor Foundation, and Nation of Makers to develop a website that would serve as hub for people to learn about the maker movement and find events happening near them.

I don't condone rushing through the design process in a week, but the U.S. Web Design Standards allowed us to quickly assemble a platform suitable for an event of somewhat large magnitude.

After the White House made its announcement, the website quickly became the host for over two hundred events throughout the nation and across the globe. Tens of thousands of makers visited to find events happening near them.
I later received an invitation from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to attend an event that coincided with National Maker Faire. In the following months, I worked with Nation of Makers as they began to develop their digital strategy as an independent organization.
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