When I took over as WICB's Web Director, I immediately identified a significant problem: every change and new content item made for the station's website by any of our nearly two dozen executive staff members had to be emailed to me, then published by editing live PHP code. Additionally, the website's visual design left much to be desired.
Creating a Wordpress site is a straightforward task, but ensuring that it falls in line with the countless requirements and regulations faced by a FCC-licensed radio station is not. In addition to migrating content, I developed a song logging and preview service that interfaces with our industry-standard radio automation software to provide compliant metadata to our website, app, and other applications. In lieu of asking our executive staff to remember a new username and password, I integrated the site's authentication system to work with our existing email system.
I've also taken on several smaller projects in this role:
- Providing training to enable our news team to publish breaking news as it happens
- Developing an online service that interfaces with Westwood One's news audio dashboard to replace an outdated MiniDisc system
- Upgrading our live audio streams (and finding creative ways to keep them online in the face of network outages)
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