I was asked to help WPXI-TV Pittsburgh solve a very specific problem: Their made-for-TV newsroom didn't have the resources their producers needed to monitor their online presence effectively. After an extensive ethnographic research period—during which I interviewed nearly every member of their digital news team—I developed a plan that would allow digital producers to see the right information at the right time while boosting awareness of WPXI's digital products for the entire newsroom.
The final system consisted of equipment purchased with a capital budget that I managed, along with equipment re-purposed from within the facility. Integration with the station's in-house cable network allowed us to make every analytic and monitoring tool instantly available on the desk of every producer, editor, and reporter. The most notable hardware addition was a set of three 70” monitors that provide the entire newsroom with glanceable analytics and product monitoring.

A custom solution allowed a PC to automatically scroll through the station's news and weather apps

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